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Joe Sofra

As Co-founder and Project Manager at Joluca Homes, Joe Sofra is recognised for his energy, focus and strong leadership in managing the builds of legacy homes and estates, designed for generations to come.

Taking the time to understand the ‘why’ behind your project, Joe takes great pride in being trusted with the management of such personal projects, from coordinating staff and consultants to overseeing the whole cost and process of the build. One of Joe’s greatest honours is to create a home that will become the backdrop to your fondest memories and life stories.

Holding a tertiary degree in Construction Management and being awarded academic honours, Joe has continued to pursue excellence as a registered domestic building practitioner for 12 years.

Joe’s inspiration for starting Joluca Homes was and still is today, the incredible partnership with Lucas. Sharing the same core business and life values they have successfully established a team founded on strong moral integrity and work ethic.

A firm believer in drawing out the best in others, Joe takes the time to instil vision, passion and purpose in each team member, empowering them to think creatively and push past conventional contemporary construction so they can achieve the highest standard possible in the industry.

Lucas Petrovich

Creative Director, Designer and Co-founder of Joluca Homes and Design, Lucas Petrovich, draws from the inspiration of his own life experiences to challenge the narrative of luxury living and bring to existence more meaningful designs that draw people together.

With meticulous attention to detail, Lucas’ bold designs are created to stand the test of time. Working closely with you as the client to understand your story, lifestyle and values, Lucas has a way of curating timeless designs that are completely tailored to you.

Highly creative, entrepreneurial and energised by a challenge, Lucas’ career portfolio spans a range of property development, design and lifestyle brand projects. Today, pursuing his creativity in high-end fashion, decor and interior designs, Lucas creates bespoke outcomes that are crafted with the most premium materials sourced from all over the world to truly elevate one’s home, body and life.

Passionate, invested and a leader in drawing out the best in others, Lucas comes highly regarded by his clients and staff for his rational problem-solving skills, commercial understanding and collaborative approach that ensures continuity and communication are maintained at all stages of a project to completion.

Setting the tone in company culture and client relationships, Lucas has a way of weaving the company values throughout all aspects of the business, pioneering a legacy that he and Co-founder, Joe, keep each other accountable to. Visit any project that the Joluca team are assigned to and you’ll quickly recognise the well-mannered, respectful, and high-quality level of service that all team members and contracted staff commit to.

Experienced in a wide range of residential, commercial, institutional and mixed-use projects, Lucas is driven by a passion for excellence in all things building and design. For those searching for distinctive designs and quality outcomes, get in touch with Lucas and the team today.